Friday, October 29, 2010

First thing, I'm back! At least for tonight. At this point I think we all know I'm full of shit when I say that it'll only be a week or so before I blog again. More on that in a moment. Second! I have a fan in Alaska!!!!!!! This is some of the best news ever! I have never been to Alaska but it is one of my top 3 places I need to see within the next 5 years! (Next 5 yrs. Get it ;) ) But, honestly, I love Alaska, or at least the idea of it. "Into the Wild" is one of my all time favorite reads and it really had a much more profound effect on me then I ever would have thought. Need to get to Alaska!

Anyway, sooooo, ummmmm. hi. It's been awhile, And while that is totally my fault I do hope that you will let me explain. Excuse #1 is that summer ended (along with my insomnia. turns out all I needed was to get on a regular sleep schedule and be horribly exhausted everyday.) and my social life and schedule took a steep dive to the negative numbers. Suddenly, I had to go to bed at a resonable hour, even on Fridays when I usually blogged because I was too tired to keep my eyes open let alone complete a full sentence/thought. I prefer to blog at the end of the night with a glass or two of wine already coursing through my veins. It's when I'm most open and honest and sarcastic towards life. Excuse's #2 through sideways 8 (infinity) basically continue with the theme of Excuse #1. Honestly, this is the first Friday night I've felt like I could really blog in months! AND OH BOY DO I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY! Alas, I did not jot down all the good stuff that has happened like I swore I would. Ha. Seriously, who is surprised! I have run into a variety of people in the last month or so that tell me that they read my blog and miss it. More than anything that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you all so much for reading this. As random as I post I really do appreciate all the views I get. Which is way the F#%& more then I originally thought! So, also thanks for passing this on to other people and for checking back regularly. I hope to find a stride and sleeping schedule that will let me get back on track somewhat, but I hope you have learned not to hold your breath because that would just be irresponsible of you.

So, where do I begin from here. Current status, single and loving it but ready to start dating again. Must be at least 27 to submit an application. Also, good-looking(do I really have to tell you men that), funny, more importantly-think I'm funny. Be cool. Let me rant my rants because once they are out of my system I'm good. Do not try and stop me mid-rant and tell me I need to chill/relax, chilax! because I'm trying to do that by venting to someone. Sheesh. This is why I love drinking and kids are nowhere near my forseeable future. Other status stuff: still working as a Para in 'Hickville' USA. Pretty sure I am only one of two Liberals out there, which is an astounding percentage for the size of the place. I have not killed a student yet but have definitely walked up to that line and stared it in its dirty dirty face. What's that saying about one or two rotton apples? Mine are the rottenest, but there are a few that I really enjoy and can hopefully start pushing my Liberal agenda on. MMWHAHAHAHA!!! Just (mostly) kidding. :)

Other status stuff.....I have basically not had much of a life the last month or two ish because of some serious budgeting. Another reason for the lack of blogging. I work, come home and knit, and go to bed. Compared to those of you with kids my life is still exceedingly better. Obviously. How could it possibly not be. ;) But for those of you who have managed to carry on having a life the last month or two, well played. I will however have you know that I am back in the game, at least until I get too tired or have to get caught up on knitting orders. Which is like always! Hooray!

Ok, that's about all I can muster for this evening. I know it wasn't the greatest blog but I hope you will read it as a good faith effort that I have not forgotten about you and that I will make every attempt to blog every chance I get!

Look forward to a strongly worded blog on how everyone not named 'Camille' SUCKS at driving and a tutorial to go along with it. Till then, whenever it may be, always remember this; when diagramming sentences the first 9 steps are:
1. Look for preprositional phrases
2. Look for your being/helping/sensory verbs
3. Look for your action verb
4. Find your subject by asking 'who' or 'what' then the verb
5. Look for a complement. This may be a Direct object, predicate nomnitive, or predicate adjetive. Say your subject + verb and ask 'who' or 'what'
6. If you have a DO then you need to look for an Indirect object. Say your subject + verb + DO and ask 'to whom' or 'for whom'
7. Look for an Objective complete. This is a waste of time. Continue to step 8
8. Look for Direct Address. If you can't figure out that someone is talking to someone else then you need to be slapped in the face.
9. Look for an Appositive. Who the shit cares at this point. I was lucky to get them through the first 5 steps. That's more than enough for anyone. ANYONE I TELL YOU.
10. Step ten is to start reading books by John Hodgman. He's the PC guy from the commercials, and wildly hilarious. His influence is WHY I USED SO MANY CAPITAL LETTERS IN THIS BLOG!
11. There is no further step, I just felt that in case you didn't believe me this is seriously what my life has become. I DID NOT KNOW THE FIRST 9(ish) STEPS BEFORE A FEW WEEKS AGO. I cannot wait to forget this shit all over again. Just like all my highschoolers will. If they are our future then....... I will not finish that thought.
12. Time to finish my wine and go to bed.

Thank you for reading. I will get back here as soon as possible!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sorry to keep you all waiting so long this time. Oh wait, it looks like someone might just be back on her game. I say this knowing full well that it may be a week or two before I blog again, so I'm going to be cocky while I can. So....let me see, where to begin. Well, I ordered some business cards tonight! I feel so grown up! I seriously cannot wait to start passing them out!
Here's another fun thing, unless you are me, I think I have insomnia. It's basically been going on for the majority of the summer now. I tried to google 'cures' for it, and if I am to believe what I read then I am apparently super depressed. Well, like I said in a previous blog, there have been some lows, sure. But, there have been a lot of really good things that have happened this summer too. For instance, I have finally gotten on the path of getting my shit together. Most people have a 5 year plan, I have a "this year plan". And after this year I will plan for the next one and so on until I'm up to a 5 year plan. Which I plan on attaining in at least the next 2-3 years. :) (everyone caught the joke there yes?) Ok, so does anyone else see the absudity in that? I know for a fact that a lot of people have 5 year plans and stick to it and do wonderful things with it. But for realsies, who the hell came up with that? My life does not follow a plan, even though it could probably use one more often than not. There are just too many things going on all the time. Last week I had a friend in town/country from Switzerland, it has been 6 years since last time he was here. Last time he was here I apparently wanted to be a flight attendant. Hell, sometimes I still want that except for the fact that it is becoming a less and less fun job, at least according to the NPR story I listened to today and who doesn't love and trust NPR. Let me list a brief-ish list of other jobs I've wanted to be/have in the last 6 years. Ahem....:Bar owner, restaurant manager, princess, photograher, lead singer in a band, assassin for hire (blame that one on Hollywood, it just looks so freaking badass!), book reviewer, actress, professional artist, teacher, house painter, trophey wife....and the list goes on. And ok, except for a few that I obviously can't be(princess, damn my non royal blood!), that is probably a fairly accurate list of jobs that I have considered over the last 6 years. Someone ask me again why I don't have a 5 year plan. I'll stick to my one at a time plan. Oh, and did I mention what classes I'm taking this semester? Excel 2007, whatevs...AND, Poker! Did you miss that Facebook status! Whoo! And to answer the question I've already been asked many times, Yes, apparently you can get at least one hour of college credit for that! Ta-freaking-Da! I only need two more for my Associtates. Only took 30 years. Another reason why "5 year" plans are dumb. At least if you are me.
And so, I think I shall wrap things up on that note. I'm tired. Not that I'm actually going to get any sleep. I'm always tired and never fall alseep. So now, not only am I asking for feedback on my blog, (super big thanks to those of you that have!!! and I tried to leave a comment on my own blog and realized how big a pain in the ass it is. No one likes jumping through that many damn hoops. Which is why Facebook is where it's at. Go private if you want and message me your comment. or email me personally at whatevs, i'm not picky.) but also feedback on how to destroy insomnia. Destroy it!! Seriously, if I don't get some real sleep soon, I might start slapping high school kids and I'm pretty sure that's not allowed. Even if it should be. Feedback Please!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Let's have a Quickie!!

Ok, I know I haven't been keeping up with my blog as much as I should be lately, let me try and explain. I feel that to blog is to put yourself out there for the world (of the 97 views I've had since I started this thing 2 years ago, ouch) to see. I have no idea who reads my blog since I have very few people leave comments. Recently, I have ran into two people that I haven't seen in a long time who told me how much they love my blog. Shout out to Kelsey W. and Kristen E.!! People, please please please find some way to leave some feedback for me. Leave it on Facebook if you have to. Even if it's just, "I read your blog and it was awful!" At least then I'll know. :)
So, the last few months, or ever since I broke up Matt, have been really personal and full of a lot of highs and lows. I don't always know how to write about that sort of thing, being vulnerable isn't really my style. So why not just stick to the funny you ask, well if you read my last blog you might have noticed that my comedy style is a little mean spirited. I wouldn't want to alienate too many of my loyal fans. :) Basically, what I'm saying is that I've delt with some personal stuff this summer, and I am ready to continue on with my life and move forward come hell or high water! Do you know what would be really helpful though? FEEDBACK! I'm begging you. Tell me what you like about my blog other then it breaks up your work day. Which I can totally understand. And believe me I start work at a highschool next week so I'm sure I'll have all kinds of dumbass kid stories coming for you soon. But, let me know what you like and/or don't like. Oh, also if you have a minute you should check out my Etsy page at Shameless self promoting is not above me.
That's about all I have for tonight, I will work on getting back to the funny as soon as possible. Till then, feedback, feedback, feedback!
And a big thank you for reading this in the first place!

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Comedy

First off, this is not the blog I started last night. I just wasn't feeling that one. So I'm starting fresh with what I hope is my funniest blog to date. Recently I started "writing stand-up comedy." The reason for the quotations is that while I like writing the funny stuff I just don't think I have the balls to get up on stage and perform it. I can kareoke the shit out of a song b/c if you forget the words there is a safety net/screen. But in comedy there is only you. That is unless you decide to write your words for the world to misinterpret or rip off. I have had a lot of feedback saying that the thing people like most about my blog is that it sounds like they are actually talking to me. My voice in people's head (must use my powers for good). So, hopefully most people will be able to read my next bit as the pure comedic gold that it is. I feel like I should maybe give a preemtive apology to some people but I also feel that in comedy apologies are a sign of weakness. So if what you are about to read offends you so badly that you need me to personally apologize to you, then...go f#$% yourself. Just try to find another blog this good. :) Oh, and one last note, I am going to really try and use commas and ellipses to show where the pauses and deliveries are so I guess use that to the best of your abilities. Enjoy!!!

So it's been summer time now for a few hot miserable months, and of course that means that a lot of people have been dropping their kids off at the pool in what I can only hope is a sign of trying to thin out the herd. Why else would parents so blatanley ignore the "No Lifegaurd on Duty, Children 16 and under need to be supervised by an adult!" Personally I think that the parents do their version of a "drive-by." By which I mean they load up the mini van or SUV with the kids and all their water toys and slowly creep by the neighborhood pool looking to see if there is anyone there who possibly fits the description of 'adult' and upon spotting said "adult", goes, "hey that'll do. mama's got better things to do!"
Let me go ahead and tell you now that, if I'm that adult you saw and your child starts to go under....well, just like you chose to ignore the no lifegaurd on duty sign, I chose to ignore the "No alcohol permitted" sign. I might try to dial 911 if I can find my phone and if it seems no one else is calling for help, but really I'd say your best bet is to not rely on me for emergencies involving your annoying ass child.
But, drowning kids are not the only fun things you get to see at a pool. There are also the fucking whack jobs who think it's totally normal and acceptable behavior to bring their fucking PedEgg to the pool and just go to town on their monster feet (oh excuse me for just vomiting). And to be honest, I'm usually not one for sitting out in the hot ass sun working on my melanoma, so when I do get to witness my favorite train wreck, which is a group of middle school aged kids doing all kinds of just dumbassery things that prevent me from getting into the pool to even cool off, I surprisingly consider it a personal treat. My favorite pool side moments are those when you are just minding your own GD business, finishing your 4th or 5th cocktail, talking about how great you were in your youth (or so I'm told by my really really old friends), when all of a sudden out of all the background squeals you've been hearing one suddenly stands out on its own. "WHAT!? NO! OH JOEY! DON'T THROW ME IN THE POOL! OH, STOP. AH!". Translation. "OHMYGODOHMYGOD OMG! A BOY IS FLIRTING WITH ME AND TOUCHING ME! I NEED TO LET THE WORLD KNOW THIS NOW BY SQUEALING MY MOST LOUDEST SQUEAL SO THAT NONE COULD POSSIBLY IGNORE IT OR ENJOY THEIR TIME!!!!" Well, oh, my, god. We get it big girl, you need love to. Because it's the big girls who make the ruckus at the pool. The skinny girls are too busy trying to not look hungry to worry about some acne freak accidentally shoving them into a pool.
But, while the summer belongs to the skinny freaks, the opposite holds true for the winter. Winter is the time for the Big Girls to shine! With all that natural insulation you can get away with wearing a little less and looking way cuter rather than being bundled up under layers and layers of warmth. Being from the Midwest I have delt with a cold ass winter or two. The stupidest things I always see are not the jackass in the sports car trying to drive on icy ass roads. It's not the dumbass parents who send their dumbass kids to school in shorts with 5 inches of snow on the ground. No no. It's the people who can decide for themselves, that on a ten degree night, with snow and ice covering the ground, and winds blowing 30mph, that wearing open toed heels paired with a mini skirt and a short sleeved tight fitting top was the appropriate choice. And guys, don't think that you are exempt either. Wearing flip-flops, cargo shorts, and a T-shirt year round because you "run hot" might be the gayest thing a stright man has ever tried to pull off. One look at these idiots and I know to stay away. I'm pretty sure stupid is contagious. Just look at those GD Jersey Shore assholes. They are highly infected and contagious with stupid.
But, I digress from my point, which is that, Big Girls and Big Guys, this is your moment. This is your time. Fight the urge to stay in and hibernate because this is truly your time to shine! There are a lot of really, reallyreally, stupid people out there who are relying on you as a heat source. And, I truly believe that this is also the reason that I am still single to this very day. While I don't fall into the "complete dumbass" category I fail to meet the requirements to be a proper heat souce!

Let me have it. I want so many comments on this one. Now is the time to share this little jem of a blog with others if you haven't already. And might I add that I think Daniel Tosh is one of the funniest comedians today. Lots of love, and until next time....

Friday, July 16, 2010

Young lady, you have some explaining to do....

Jesus Camille, where the hell have you been for that last week or so! You act like you suddenly got a life or met some dude. Well, jokes on you because both happened! Ok, so I always had a life, that's not new. However, the life of a single person is exhausting. Why didn't someone give me the memo about being an old lady and needing my rest? You should really all be so ashamed of yourselves. But I digress. So when I last left you I was basically about to be suffering from liver failure courtesy Mass. St. in Lawrence. In the mean time I am happy to report normal liver functions (at least that I can tell with my Web M.D.) and have resumed a life of bars and knitting. Suck it grandma's, I'd like to see all you really old ladies out there doing what I do in the heart of hardcore Wichita. Which is basically not much, but hey, I'm doing it and let it be said that I will take on any grandma at any bar at anytime. That was the guantlet folks, tell your g-ma's.
Now let's get serious and back up to last Thursday where I will begin my tale. July 8th started like anyother day, slight hangover and slightly later to work than I wanted to be. No big. Go to work, come home and get awesome. Why? Well, first of all because, hello, I can't help but be awesome and second of all I was going out to see Eclipse. (Quick side bar: I love Harry Potter more and always will, and if you are 11 years old and your name is Hannah then just know that your precious Jacob is so dumb and only an 11 yr. old would think he was cute. So, I'm pretty sure I just told your 11 yr old self what's up! 30yr old Camille:1 11yr old Hannah 0) It turned out to be the best of the series so far. I sacrficed my jacket, that over the years I have learned you do not leave the house without even in the dead of summer because movie theatres are like the arctic, for my new 11 yr old friend Hannah who does not apparently have my cold zone wisdom. And when I say 11, I mean 11 going on 30. She just gets it man. ;) Anyway, movie, quick beer and home to bed. Friday, play catch up with my Mini Me or Ashley as most people probably know her. We totally did awesome things that night without our I.Q. dropping too drastically. Whoo! Found out about another friend being preggers which is the most bestest possible thing ever. It was a very very happy surprise and if you are of the praying variety send some out for this bundle of joy. Otherwise send some positive vibes out to the universe because this one is gonna be awesome! And then Saturday poked its head into the weekend and I went to a bday party for a one yr old and that little son of a bitch knew how to party. Never wear a white shirt to a pool party for a one yr old and his almost 3 yr old sister. They know how to party. Trust me. Saturday night was downtown and bluesgrass. So far not much sleep happening and I will once again thank you to keep your minds out of the gutter. Trust me, I will let you know when to roll around in the filth. Sunday rolls along and I think to myself, "Fantastic. I've made it to my day of recliner and DVRing!" Wrong. I had to do stuff like "get my shit out of the living room and dining room" and "can you straighten up the bathroom" a solid 20 min of work on an otherwise unproductive day. Until that is.....! I ended up having a date that night. So for the first time in what I'm sure is ages, I took a shower on a Sunday AND put on a little make up to boot. We had some dinner then went and saw a little romantic movie called 'Predators'. Truth be told it was my pick. I also wanted to see 'Dispicable Me' but didn't want my date to think I was 5. Turns out he wanted to see it too. And why not! It looks so good! Uh, anyway, we then did a little bowling on Monday night, which it tuned out we both sucked at. Saw 'Inception' today GO SEE THAT MOVIE and now just kinda seeing what happens. I don't know if this fella reads my blog but I will say that for me I was honestly not expecting to meet someone so soon. He seems ligit and I have been having a good time with him so we'll see what happens. Now it is Friday night and I've had a few beers while watching 'The Bounty Hunter' with Melanie (which turned out to be much better than I thought for a "chick flick") and came home to drink some Riunite Lambruso "wine". I guess technically it is wine but I'm pretty sure it could be sold as candy as well.
This last week has been exhausting, tomorrow I will probably hate myself for staying up so late but I figured I needed to blog again before I found myself drifting back into non-blogging habits. So stay tuned and we'll see what happens next!! And tell a friend about this. Let's see if we can't get me a book/movie deal outta this. If you're gonna dream, dream big right! Don't get trapped in Limbo!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Rickshaws aren't a Free Ride

So when I last left you all I think I promised to bring back a few good stories with me from my weekend. I feel like I did a pretty decent job of that. So the break down for my weekend is as follows: Friday pick up Jessica at her place and hit the road. I had a medium sized red bull (which i didn't know existed, how did people ever get by on those little ones and how do people's hearts not explode right the fuck out of their chests when they drink a big one?) so I was all kinds of ready to get to Lawrence and dance/drink the night away. Everyother time I've been to Lawrence in the last year or two I was always seeing some hot single looking dude like left and right so I was excited about getting to put my rusty flirting skills to the test. Being single is like shopping with money when you've been broke for a long time. Suddenly there is nothing you want to waste your time on. But more on that in a minute. We get into Lawrence and get ourselves all fabulous looking before heading over to the bar where everyone is celebrating our friend's surprise bday party. The theme was 'White Trash/80's Prom'. I did not partake in the dressing up since I only knew a handful of people. Anyway, I wore some really bitchn' heels that I did not fall down in and the night was awesome. I did two tequila shots some how and something that had buttershots in it plus beers and still remember the night minus Jessica riding the rickshaw. Oh, what's that? A rickshaw you ask? But, Camille I thought you were in Lawrence, the home town of the amazing Jayhawks located in the central part of the U.S. in the state of Kansas. Well, yeah, I was, just give me a minute to finish before you and all your thoughts interupt me. So as I was saying, there I was at the end of the night all hungry and drunk and surrounded by other hungry and even drunker people (we got to the party late or I would have been a "drunker" also) when all of a sudden a beatiful man named Ben pulls up on his bike with a little buggy thing attached to it asking if I needed a ride. He had no idea how badly I needed a ride. Get your mind out of the gutter, remember those bitchn' heels I mentioned earlier? Yeah, well now they were more like, 'Son of a bitch!'. I needed pizza like for reals and this crazy stupid good looking Ben with the best quads/whatever the muscle behind your calf is, came and picked me up. Remember the previous blog where I joked about "whoring it up", well apon meeting this guy that became less of a joke and more of a mission statement for the night. Alas, fate had other plans for us, such as him working till way past my bedtime getting other drunk people home. Stupid fate. But again you say, 'wait Camille, wasn't that only Friday night? what about whoring it up on Saturday?' Good question. Sort of. If you were paying attention though you would know that most likely I was too hungover Saturday afternoon to do anything more then nap and be very hateful to every single person on the road for the brief amount of time I was on it before said nap. After naptime it was get pretty time and head to KC for THE most ackward wedding reception ever. I wasn't technically invited to the event but even for those that were invited it was super weird. By the time we made it back to Lawrence guess who was working till past my bedtime again. That's right, hot rickshaw Ben. The fates just didn't have us in the cards that weekend, ah well. I've moved on. And have possibley met someone else. Possibly. This new guy, who shall remain nameless for the time being, definitely has one of those faces you could see yourself making out with. Sober or drunk, which is always a plus! ;) So, after a stop at the lake Sunday we came home just in time to oooohhhhh and aaahhhhh at some fireworks. Came home started this blog and crashed before I could find the energy to finish. Good thing though because I started it sober and I just don't think I'm a fan of the sober blogging. I can guarantee that this would not have taken the turn it did if I'd have been sober. A funny turn.
Well, that's about it for now. As my life keeps progressing I will keep posting.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

So a Priest Walks into a Bar and.....

Generally when I start a blog I will already have a title for it in mind but, seeing as how I have no idea where this one tonight is going I will wait to title it till the very end.
Last Sunday I believe was my last blog. Sunday afternoon my mom's cousin (so my 2nd cousin? I'm confused because we always called him "Uncle" John) Fr. John Rossiter passed away. Today was now the second funeral I've been to for a priest. With all the issues I have with religion and Catholism in general one thing I never took issue with was my two uncle's who were priests. The other was Fr. Robert Kocour who really was my great uncle. The media likes to really focus their attention on priests who do bad things. I agree with the sentiment that they should be called out for their horrendous behavior and I also do not think that the Church should protect these people. They are scum. The ones who do horrific things. However, I don't feel like the media does a very good job at showing how fantastic, and understanding, and relateable priests can be. When I read about the works of priest who has done something good or honorable or what have you, I feel like the reporter writes in a way that says, "Hey, look at me, I'm a reporter who finally found a decent priest to write about now someone should write about how great I am." To which I say, PPLLLLbBBBtTTT.
Fr. Kocour and Fr. Rossiter were two of the greatest men I knew and if you had ever met my father you know that's saying something. Both of these men dedicated themselves to making the world a better place. One went to Venezuela to do missionary work for years, and the other stayed in Topeka with an open door to anyone who needed it. I am not going to go on and on about these two men and their life stories. If you want to know more I'm sure Google could help you out. My point in bringing it up was simply that it seems like people are quick to think the worst about priests and maybe I would be one of those people also if I hadn't grown up knowing two of the best around. I am a better person for having known them.
Now all that mushy stuff aside I would also like to add that if you have never been to a funeral for a priest and one day you find yourself blessed enough to know a wonderful priest (or a nun/sister, I can only assume that there will be similarities but I can't confirm this on account of never having been to a funeral for a nun/sister.) that want to pay your respects to upon his departure from this plain, I offer you a few tips. 1) There will most likely be a plethora of living priests at the funeral and they will all be up in the first 3-5 pews in their proper garments. Keep a close eye on this section because you will most likely witness what I like to call, "synchronized priesting." Now before you start casting stones let me explain, there are certain gestures and handmovments, and so forth that go on during a mass. At a funeral you will see about 40-50 priests doing all these movements at the same time. It is awesome! And I'm not even trying to be an asshole. It's just fun to watch. 2) If you are lucky you will get a priest that really knows how to deliver a homily. If you don't know what that is the best way to explain it is to say that it is an anecdotal collection of stories that make you better understand the gospel reading (see Geri, I still know my stuff). Some priests really have a gift for homily's while others to put it nicely just do not. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I don't remember the homily for Fr. Kocour's funeral but the one I heard today for Fr. John was pretty terrific. It had humor, it had a point, it didn't drag on and on and on, and the best part was that Uncle John actually had a say in what was said. He picked the priest and gave him a few pointers on how to deliver his final message. And again, while I am not a big believer in religion as a whole, I do like words a lot. I like it when someone is able to string words together in ways that really make you think or better yet challenge yourself. You don't have to have the same beliefs to come to the same conclusions or to know right from wrong.
Blah blah blah. I ment for that last section to be more funny than it was. I will say one irritating thing about priests though. There should be no hot priests. Yeah, I said it and I ment it. Just seems wasteful. Careful about casting those stones again. :)
I'm headed out of town for this 4th of July weekend but I promise to come back with some good stories. Hopefully they will be blog appropriete. Not that I think children read this but I'm sure I could get most of you to blush if I tried hard enough. Let's just say that this is my first weekend going to one of my favorite towns as a single woman in quite some time. Not that I'm gonna whore it up, but it's just nice to know the option is there! Have a great weekend and don't blow up any body parts!
P.S. I feel like I came up with an appropriete title for this blog after all!!!